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As a dairy farmer's daughter, I've always had a passion for farming and how our food is produced. Having left the farm for a few years, to study Food Marketing at Reading University and then working in London, I realised how disconnected people were from where their food comes from and how it's been produced.

For me, buying local food straight from the farm, cutting out the middleman, makes sense. It improves transparency of the supply chain, it reduces the time and processes before food gets to your plate, and with direct communication with the farmer, you know exactly what's gone on at farm level to produce it.

the udder stuff brand

So I decided to cut out the middle man and bring our food straight to you - from moo to you, from grass to glass,

from farm gate to your plate.

I developed The Udder Stuff brand in my spare time at University and starting pulling business ideas together whilst living in London and then on returning to work full time at home on the farm.

I decided upon milk vending machines because what better way to connect consumers by providing such a simple product straight from the cow.

Through the milk vending machines, you can buy fresh milk within a day of the cows being milked. Unlike supermarket milk, it has been gently pasteurised and is not homogenised (so the cream rises to the top), exactly how it should be!​

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THE future

I'm passionately reconnecting consumers with where their food is from and how it's been produced! I feel truly blessed to have been brought up in the beautiful Devon countryside and want to be a part of producing food for our country and stewarding the land which we are so fortunate to farm. 


Mark, a local dairy farmer, and I got married in July 2021 and we hope to grow The Udder Stuff business together and continue to bring delicious dairy from moo to you!

Watch this space for exciting dairy diversifications in the near future!

Thank you for supporting The Udder Stuff - you are supporting a local, family business.


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