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the cows

the magic milk makers!

Our herd of 200 Friesian cross Jersey cows spend at least 300 plus days a year (weather permitting) grazing grass outside. 


We are  fortunate to have relatively dry soils which mean we are able to have the cows out grazing grass everyday of the year some years! We have split our fields into smaller paddocks of which the cows graze a different one every day. This allows the grass to grow really well and means the cows are eating the best quality grass they can be!

The cross breeding of Friesians with Jersey means our cows produce deliciously creamy milk! The milk is also rich in colour which is produced naturally as a result of carotene from grass.

The cows are milked twice a day, morning and evening, and spend the rest of their time out in the fields - what a lovely life!

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