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We believe that everyone should know where their food comes from and how it's been produced!


By buying local, unprocessed food directly from the farmer, it gives you the assurance that you're supporting a business that prides itself on high animal welfare standards and producing a delicious product.

We have a milk vending machine at:

Cranberry Farm Pub,

Badgers Lane,


Open everyday BUT CLOSED MONDAYS. Contactless card only. Whole milk and milkshakes.

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WHY FARM FRESH is the best!

GENTLY PASTEURISED - Our milk is gently pasteurised in small batches, bringing all the milk up to temperature slowly to kill any harmful bacteria. In supermarket milk, it has been rapidly heated up for between 16-20 seconds! Our slow process keeps all the natural flavour and quality that milk should have!

Unhomogenised - Our milk is not homogenised, meaning the cream rises to the top, just as it should do. If you don’t love this, just give your bottle a shake and it’ll all mix in! 

iT'S LOCAL - Our vending machine is full of farm fresh milk  that comes from cows that live just a few miles away. Low food miles mean you know exactly where your food is from and you're not impacting the environment by it having travelled hundreds of miles!

FARM FRESH For milk to reach the shelves of supermarkets, it has often been collected from dairy farmers across the country and transported hundreds of miles before it even reaches the processing stage. Milk can be up to two weeks old before it even reaches supermarket shelves! With our milk, the cows are milked and the milk is pasteurised within 24 hours of reaching you!

GLASS BOTTLES By buying milk in reusable glass bottles you're saving a load of plastic reaching landfill!


Our milk vending machines is filled up daily. The cows are milked in the morning and then the milk is pasteurised in batches before being driven just up the road to the vending machine.

As our milk comes straight from the farm and is not standardised, the butterfats in the milk will vary with the seasons and depends on what the cows are eating! This is where the magic of buying farm fresh comes from - as nature changes around us, it impacts the food we produce and the way it tastes. 

For £1.20 you can refill your reusable glass bottle with deliciously creamy, farm fresh milk. 

Our vending machine also allows you to grab a milkshake!

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